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The Philippines Community of Practise (CoP) on Community Engagement, has a broad membership of over fifty organisations including highly innovative start-ups from the private sector, faith based groups as well as UN agencies and humanitarian agencies. Chaired by UNOCHA, the Filipino CoP on Community Engagement is one of the most advanced in any at-risk country, and has secured a recognised role within the national humanitarian system for preparedness and response.

 The CoP has taskforces in the following areas:

  • Information and Communication
  • Early Warning Systems and Protocol
  • Emergency Relief and Rescue
  • Community Volunteers

 These task forces were used to complement Government activities by providing technical support and information management to agencies during the response to typhoon Julina in September 2017.

 To date, and among other things, the CoP has:

  • Developed a Child Focused CwC module to ensure children are better aware of risks, that they can also articulate better what they feel and what they require during disasters.
  • Trained media, humanitarian agencies and communities in CwC mechanisms and the work of the CoP, and also developed the Humanitarian Reporting Manual Textdash App (a community feedback mechanism through text at no cost). This was intended to promote accountability to the affected population, guide journalists in delivering conflict sensitive journalism with actionable information, and support community participation and common service partnerships.
  • Revised the Rapid Information, Communication, Accountability and Assessment (RICAA) tool and made improvements to the online feedback Community Response Map (CRM). The aim of developing these tools was to increase CwC preparedness capacity of CoP and stakeholders through improvement of tools and mechanisms so that they are better at responding to emergencies. 

See the full Terms of Reference for the platform.


As part of post-typhoon Haiyan preparedness initiatives in 2014, a national platform, the Community of Practice (CoP) on Community Engagement (CE), was established by OCHA to support the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG) to mainstream two-way communication in the event of a major disaster. 

With more than 50 members, the CoP provides strategic direction and technical support on community engagement in preparedness and response to sub-national working groups. Members include UN agencies, international non-government organisations, faith-based groups, private sector, civil society organisations, media networks, academia, government agencies and in-country member organisations of the CDAC Network.

Capacities and resources provided include improvement of two-way communication platforms, feedback avenues, accountability pathways, closing-the-communication-loop mechanisms, partnerships and the use of various technologies for communicating with the affected population. The CoP also provides recommendations, updates and relevant technical assistance to the HCT, ICCG, government agencies (including local government) and other thematic working groups in preparedness and response.

To date, the CoP has successfully managed to initiate interventions in the following humanitarian responses, largely delivered though sub-national platforms:

  • Armed-conflict in Zamboanga City (2014-2017)
  • Armed-conflict in Marawi (2017-Present)
  • Typhoon Hagupit (2015) & Typhoon Koppu (2016)
  • Typhoon Knockten (2017) and Mayon Volcano eruption (2018)

The CDAC Network became involved with the platform in 2016, and was able to support the platform’s activities with funds from the Network’s Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme, funded by UK Aid.

Tools & Guidance

Here’s a selection of tools and resources that have been created by or in partnership with the national platform. This section is continuously expanding – check back soon for more!

Learning & Evaluations

Here’s where the learning from the project and the evaluations can be found.

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