South Sudan

National platform

The national platform on communication and community engagement inSouth Sudan – known as the Communicating with Communities (CwC) Working Group aims to connect and learn more from those suffering in one of the world’s largest (and largely hidden) conflicts. It encourages novel, experimental ideas and models to improve information sharing to improve response and enable those most affected to inform the response.

The platform focuses on four workstreams:

  • Building  a  culture  of  sharing  information  and  developing  common  information models and platforms;
  • Capitalising  on  local  knowledge  and  capacities  as  a  way  to  utilize  indigenous know-how to solve local problems;
  • Means  and  modalities  to  improve  access  to  information  across  demographic groups;
  • CwC as part of M&E to push innovation and design community-based monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian response and programmes.,

To date, the Communicating with Communities (CwC) Working Group in South Sudan have achieved a number of aims of the project. A Media Landscape Guide for South Sudan that captures information on the media and telecommunications landscape in the world’s youngest nation, as well as the news and information channels that are used and trusted the most by South Sudanese people is now available. And a Message Library specific to South Sudan has also been created, a database of messages that acts as a reference for those wanting to disseminate critical information to affected populations in an emergency. In addition, CDAC Network member, BBC Media Action, have delivered trainings on developing media content for CwC (including simulation exercises) with over 70 staff from media and humanitarian agencies.

See the full Terms of Reference for the platform



The Communicating with Communities (CwC) Working Group in South Sudan was established in 2015 with support from from the CDAC Network Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme, funded by UK Aid. Based in Juba, the group aims to improve the way humanitarian response actors exchange information with disaster-affected communities. It is steadily building greater awareness of CwC and its importance in South Sudan.

Tools & Guidance

Here’s a selection of tools and resources that have been created by or in partnership with the national platform. This section is continuously expanding – check back soon for more!