Global platform

As a global Network of more than 30 member organisations, the CDAC Network supports the humanitarian sector to better prepare for emergencies. We do this by ensuring that emergency responders and affected communities have the knowledge, tools, skills and resources needed to lead and shape preparedness and response efforts and access services. This ensures people affected by disaster have the resources to remain in control or regain control of their situations.

Our Network, with its significant national and international on-the-ground presence, convenes national platforms to foster coordinated action on communication and community engagement, drives innovation and supports deeper collaboration across humanitarian responders in disaster response. We provide training for humanitarian staff and free access to a wide range of tools and resources. We convene the Communication and Community Engagement Initiative to make community engagement response-wide.

The Communication and Community Engagement Initiative was established by UNICEF, OCHA, IFRC, and other partners, and is convened CDAC Network. It aims to organise a collective service to address the need for a more systematic and coordinated approach to communications and community engagement with affected people.

The goal of the initiative is to help improve the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian and health emergency responses, through a harmonised, timely, systematic and predictable collective service for communication and community engagement with affected communities throughout all phases of the humanitarian programme cycle.

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Tools & Guidance

Here’s a selection of tools and resources that have been created by the CDAC Network and which are applicable globally. This section is continuously expanding – check back soon for more!

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